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Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury Motor Home Repair

Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury Motor Home Repair

Illinois Motor Home Repair from Buss Ford


Motor homes are an expensive investment, so it is vital that you perform regular maintenance and make repairs as soon as possible to avoid more damage. Occasional repairs are inevitable, however regular maintenance is the key to keeping costs under control. It is important that you find a qualified specialist that can assist you with the maintenance and repairs associated with keeping your motor home on the road.


Maintenance is the key to happy travels. This means not only reading and following the scheduled maintenance, but also creating your own checklist to find small problems, before they become a big headache. A great way to achieve this is by using a pre-trip and post-trip checklist. This small step before and after you use your motor home will keep everyone safe during your trip and ensure that your vehicle is properly stored, when you return. This might seem like a “no-brainer,” however it is surprising the number of repairs that could be avoided if individuals maintained these simple guidelines for their motor home. If you don’t have pre-trip and post-trip checklists, you may locate some great options on a variety of websites dedicated to RVers. You should look at several different alternatives to find a list that best suits how you use your motor home. For instance, a full timer may not need to do items on a list that is dedicated to RV’s that are stored for months at a time. However, full timers might want to check other areas not included in a list for part time users. Therefore, don’t be afraid to create your own list using what fits your lifestyle.


When you consider maintenance, don’t forget to include the interior of your motor home. Most RVers worry about expensive engine repairs, but a broken stove, refrigerator, or toilet could ruin your vacation and leave full timers scrambling for a solution. Of course, not all break downs can be avoided, but proper inspections will help you find problems, while they are still small. A great example of this is routine checks for leaks, which can locate water damage before it becomes a very costly expense. If you have a relationship with a qualified specialist, you will know exactly where to turn, when an issue is uncovered.


One outstanding, award winning place for motor home repair is Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury in McHenry, Illinois. Proudly serving Chicago area residents now for over 80 years, Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury specializes in motor home repair with their motor home repair department. Our motor home repair department services all makes and models of A, B, and C class motor homes. We have a 30,000 pound capacity drive on lift in order to safely lift up your vehicle for service. At Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury you can expect the best service and care for your motor home. In addition, we also offer a certified school bus repair department on all Ford and GM buses. So come to Buss Lincoln Ford Mercury for outstanding customer service and for all your motor home repair jobs!  Illinois Motor Home Repair from Buss Ford located in McHenry.



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