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Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury will Service your RV

Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury will Service your RV

Chicago RV Repair from Buss Ford



An RV is a great way to see the country and spend time with family. However, it is a large investment and RV repairs can be costly. You can protect your investment and avoid costly repairs with proper maintenance. Whether you are a full timer or enjoy your RV once or twice a year will determine how you should care for your RV. While some things may apply to both RV users, other maintenance items will be specific to how you use your motor home.

There are two areas of concern, when discussing RV maintenance and repair, regardless of how you use your vehicle. These areas include the interior and exterior. The interior includes all of the appliances, plumbing, floors, and systems used within the RV, while the exterior will cover all of the tires, roof, walls, and engine. Of course many of the maintenance items are common sense, such as regular oil changes and proper winterization. However, you might be surprised to learn some simple tips that will extend the life of your RV and eliminate expensive repairs.


For full timers, proper maintenance is essential, because RV repairs will not only hurt your pocket book, but also leave you scrambling for alternative accommodations. Most individuals are surprised to learn that allowing your diesel engine to idle for extended periods of time can be very detrimental. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to warm your diesel engine longer than 15 seconds for normal use and no more than 5 minutes, if you are facing a sharp incline. However, you should allow the engine to idle for a few minutes before turning the vehicle off, if you have been doing extended freeway driving. Of course to avoid problems, you should read your RV’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes using the proper weight oil. It is also important that you maintain the exterior walls, roof, and tires to avoid leaks or a dangerous blow out.


Although interior maintenance will not affect your ability to use your RV, avoiding it can make the experience less enjoyable. Simple items, such as not caring for the grey water system, can ruin a perfectly good vacation or make full timers miserable. Another major cause of costly interior RV repairs is dry rot. There are a few steps you can take to prevent dry rot. The first step is to fix leaking plumbing as soon as you discover a problem. You should also inspect the exterior of the RV on a regular basis, because most dry rot is caused by an exterior leak. This includes checking all windows, skylights, roof vents, and missing lenses. Most professionals recommend replacing plastic roof vents with a metal option.


RV repairs can be very pricey, however many of the more expensive problems are avoidable through proper maintenance. Unfortunately, some issues are unavoidable and occur with age. When an RV repair is required, it is critical that you find a qualified shop to do the work. If you are a full timer, you should have a plan in place for such a scenario, so you won’t be scrambling for a place to stay, while the RV is in the shop.


If you are looking to get your RV repaired or just to do maintenance work, Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury in McHenry, Illinois is the place to go. Serving Chicago residents for over 80 years, Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury has a motor home repair department that does amazing work! All styles of motor homes, including A, B, and C class motor homes are serviced. Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury has a 30,000 capacity drive on lifts in order to raise your RV for wheel service and under unit service. This car dealership’s motor home repair department has very well trained technicians who can service your RV. It does not matter whether you require maintenance or repairs on steering, suspension, brakes, tires, or the rear axle; Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury technicians are here to tackle the job. RV repair is not always an easy thing you can do on your own, and when you require a professional repair job, Chicago residents can depend on Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury. Chicago RV Repair from Buss Ford locate near Crystal Lake.



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