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Car Air Conditioning repair in Chicago | BUSS FORD LINCOLN MERCURY



Car Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago | Buss Ford


Car Air conditioning repair is required on all vehicles from time to time. Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury, serving Chicago, Illinois has a unique quicklane service department that specializes in air conditioning service. The hot summer months are usually the prime time for air conditioning problems within your vehicle to arise. The state of Illinois may experience long, cold winters, but the summers can be hot and humid, taking a toll on your vehicle's air conditioning. When air conditioning service is required, it is best to take your vehicle in right away. No one likes to drive a vehicle in hot weather without AC, and with proper air conditioning service, the chances of a major problem with your unit are reduced significantly. There are things you can do to check your vehicle's air conditioning unit, but it is always best to have a mechanic look at the system before you begin to tinker with it. Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury mechanics will inspect the entire air conditioning system by inspecting for refrigerant leaks and checking out the fuses in case one of them has failed, along with the compressor unit.


Many of us take air conditioning in our vehicles for granted. When we start up our vehicles, all we have to do is hit a button and set the temperature, and cool air begins to flow out, keeping the interior of the vehicle comfortable during the warmer summer months. Although air conditioning is needed during the warmer months, it is a good idea to keep in mind that running the AC unit tends to burn up more gasoline, giving you fewer miles per gallon. This is just a sacrifice many of us are willing to take in order to keep comfortable, and understandable in many regards. Many modern day air conditioning units are built to last, and the problems that do occur are usually warm air blowing out of the vents or not enough cool air coming through. When no cool air is coming out of your vents, it could be caused by several problems. The drive belt could be loose or broken, there could be a blown fuse, or some kind of defective expansion valve, or maybe something is leaking. Insufficient air flow may be caused by a loose drive belt, a condenser that has become clogged, a leak in the system, low refrigerant charge, or a partially clogged filter or expansion valve Regardless of what the problem is and what is causing the problem, the mechanics at Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury are ready to handle all of your air conditioning repairs.


Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury sells new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. We have been serving the Chicagoland area now for over 80 years, and are proud to serve the surrounding communities of Crystal Lake, Fox Lake and McHenry.  Our award winning dealership excels in customer service, and our quicklane service mechanics take the time to ensure that your AC unit is running properly. Any air conditioning service required on your vehicle will be performed in a timely manner by our quicklane team. No Appointment is Necessary when bringing your vehicle in for an inspection. We also do work on brakes, belts and hoses, perform oil changes, do transmission service, tire service, coolant service, along with many other types of vehicle service and repair jobs. Our prices are very reasonable, so be sure to stop in today if you require air conditioning repair or any other kind of service on your vehicle.     



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