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Car and Truck Tire Alignment in Chicago | BUSS FORD LINCOLN MERCURY



Tire Alignment in Chicago | Buss Ford


Tire alignment is another important maintenance service you must perform on your vehicle on a regular basis. Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury serving Chicago, Illinois has an outstanding quicklane service department that is capable of performing tire alignment jobs in an appropriate manner. Tires are one of the most important features on your entire vehicle. They have to be maintained by balancing and rotating them from time to time. Improper tire alignment can wear down your tires and cause steering and tracking problems. Sometimes you will notice that your alignment is out of place while you are driving. Your vehicle will tend to pull to one side of the road, and this is a strong indication that a tire alignment job is in store. It is not very expensive to have a tire alignment job done, and the professional quicklane service team at Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury will be more than happy to assist you with your tire alignment needs.


Mechanics at Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury take the time to ensure that the job is done right. A tire alignment job involves adjusting the car wheel angles so that the wheels are in a perpendicular fashion to the roadway, and that all the wheels are parallel to one another. Many times when you are driving your vehicle, you may hit a bump in the road. Every time you hit a bump, your alignment is knocked out of place. If you hit a heavy bump, it can be seriously knocked out of whack, requiring you to take your vehicle in for service immediately. Out in the country, especially on uneven dirt roads, tire alignment jobs have to be done more frequently. On average you should have your tires aligned about once every six months, but some people, depending on where he or she lives and the surrounding road conditions, may need a tire alignment job done more often. The most vicious culprits of frequent tire alignment jobs are running over pot holes, crossing railroad tracks too quickly or hitting a curb. In addition to knocking your alignment out of whack, these types of impacts can also cause more serious damage to other parts of your vehicle,  That can shorten the life of a tire by half or more. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The professionals at Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury's quicklane service are ready to take on all of your tire alignment jobs.


Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury is proud to serve the surrounding  Chicago area.  As a Chicago Ford dealer, all of us here at Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury know the importance of maintaining your vehicle in order to keep it running at maximum performance. Our quicklane service department does all kinds of work including: oil changes, brake repair, transmission service, coolant service, shocks and struts, tire alignment, battery service, air conditioning repair and wiper blade replacement. No Appointment is Necessary when you bring your vehicle in to Buss Ford Lincoln Mercury's quicklane service department. Our staff has been serving the greater Chicagoland area now for over 80 years, and our customers have come to depend on fast, reliable service done in a professional manner. Our mechanics do the job correctly the first time, so you never have to bring your vehicle back in for a repeat repair or maintenance job. Please check out our quicklane service department with convenient hours, and get your tire alignment job done at a reasonable price by some of the best mechanics in the business!    



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