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Oil change $33.95
  • - Up to 5 quarts of Motorcraft Premium Syntheic Blend Motor Oil.
Air Filter (gasoline engines) $29.95
  • - Help your engine breathe easy with a new Motorcraft Air Filter.
  • - Designed specifically for each vehicle application; ensuring the right fit for your car or truck. This improves engine performance, and reduces engine contamination.
  • - Recommended every 15,000 miles.
Tire Rotation $18.95
  • - Four wheel tire rotation.
  • - To maximize tire life, rotate tires every 5,000 miles.
Competitive Brake Service (starting at) $119.95
  • - Includes complete Brake Inspection and installation of Motorcraft Brake Pads with the proper shims and associated hardware to help eliminate squeaks.
Battery Replacement (installed) (starting at) $139.95
  • - Includes replacement of battery, inspection, and cleaning connections.
  • - Up to 36 months FREE replacement.
  • - 100 months limited warranty.
  • - Long-life alloys provide excellent performance in high heat applications.
Automatic Transmission Service $225.95
  • - Extend the life of your transmission. We replace 100% of the transmission fluid from the torque convertor, cooler, and lines with Motorcraft Authomatic Transmission Fluid designed for your vehicle.
  • - Excludes CVT transmission.
  • - Recommended every 30,000 miles.
Windshield Wiper Blades $39.95 (per pair)
  • - Motorcraft Premium Flat Wiper Blade.
  • - Blade profile keeps blade firmly on the windshield and promotes quiet operation.
  • - Steel mono-beam construction provides uniform pressure across the length of the blade and helps eliminate areas for snow or ice to clog the wiper.
  • - Recommended replacement every year.
Cabin Air Filter $49.95
  • - Breathe easy with a new Motorcraft Cabin Air Filter.
  • - Like the furnace filter in your home, Cabin Air Filters help keep the air flowing through the HVAC system clen and free from harmful particulates.
  • - Recommended every 20,000 miles.
Cooling System Complete Fluid Replacement $106.95
  • - We power flush the cooling system including the engine block, heater core, control valves, radiator, and all lines and hoses.
  • - Restores your cooling system to factory specifications of -35 degress F.
Spark Plug Replacement (4 cycle) (starting at) $121.95
  • - High-strength steel plugs that have been re-designed with a new, high-strength steel shell, much stronger than the parts they replace.
  • - See advisor for details.

Why buy tires anywhere else when Buss Ford offers all of this:

  • - 13 major tire brands
  • - 30 day price guarantee
  • - All makes and models
  • - Tire CARE Road Hazard available
The WORKS Fuel Saver Package $43.95
  • - Recommended every 5,000 miles.
  • - Up to 5 qyarts of Motorcraft Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • - Motorcraft Long-Life Oil Filter
  • - Tire rotation
  • - Complete vehicle inspection including:
    • - Inspection of all lights
    • - Check tires and air pressure
    • - Check engine air filter
    • - Check cabin air filter
    • - Visual inspection of battery
    • - Top off windshiled washer fluid
    • - Top off brake fluid
    • - Top off power steering fluid
    • - Check for any oustanding Field Service Action
    • - Conduct brake inspection
    • - Inspect belts for wear
    • - Inspect hoses
    • - Each additional quart of oil: $3.16
Four Wheel Alignment $99.95
  • - Keep your tires in great condition and get the most fuel economy by having your alignment adjusted and suspension evaluation every year.
  • - Recommended annually
Complimentary Vehicle Diagnosis FREE
  • - Warning lights
  • - Alternator and battery
  • - Shock and struts
  • - Brakes
  • - Fluid leaks
  • - Tie rods and ball joints

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A dealership that achieves Blue Oval Certification must commit to our highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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*Must Qualify. Tax, title, license, and Doc Fee not included. See dealer for details.
**Must Qualify. On select models. See dealer for details.